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  • Management Plan

The asbestos management plan is a document which sets out how asbestos will be managed in a building.  It is a legal requirement (for the person with responsibility for the management of any building) to ensure that a plan is in place, accurate, up-to-date, being used and being reviewed at least annually. 

MCL can prepare, write and review your management plan.


  • Thank Asbestos Management Consultancy

We can offer advice on compliance with legal requirements, best practice and contractor evaluations. We can provide short or long-term asbestos co-ordinator services to organisations who require the technical expertise but don't have the specialist resources or knowledge in-house.

MCL can provide a consultancy or co-ordinator role for an organisation of any size.


  • Asbestos Project Management

Asbestos removal can be expensive.  Inadequate planning can lead to delays and unbudgeted costs. Problems can arise due to inadequate work being undertaken.  We can help you get the correct work for the best value.  We have experience in project managing removal projects and dealing and liasing with removal contractors.  We can prepare a scope of work for any project, be involved in the tender processs, arrange and conduct site visits and ensure that the removal contractor has an adequate plan of work. We can undertake site visits to ensure compliance with the plan and that the work is conducted safely and completely.

MCL can help with the project management of projects of any size.



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