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Protect yourself.  Protect your staff.  Protect your business.

Asbestos Management Consultancy


Are you doing enough to protect yourself, your employees and your business? Are you following and complying with HSE regulations?


Although asbestos materials are no longer in use these days, the problems posed by previous mass use, are a current and everyday problem.  Knowledge about the effects on health and the need to comply with regulatory requirements means that the duty to manage asbestos has never been greater.


McLeish Consultancy Limited is here to help you with every element of this.  We are an asbestos management consultancy offering a quality-driven and efficient service.  All work is carried out by Calum McLeish, who has over 30 years of experience in the asbestos industry.  Our clients benefit from this vast experience without the cost associated with larger companies.


We can help with projects of any size.  Our client base ranges from individual homeowners to multi-national companies.  Our work includes both onshore and offshore projects.




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